The Misadventure of Chris the Sheep – Original Art from the Collaboration with Tammy De Vange.

From the collaboration with Tammy Ven Dange, 2015 CEO of RSPCA ACT, comes the original illustrations created specifically for the book: The Misadventure of Chris the Sheep.

Each work was lovingly created by hand using the gentle mediums of graphite and ink wash, designed in a way to allow the graphic designer to adapt the images for the book.

The original works are now available for purchase, with proceeds supporting the charity, Little Oaks Sanctuary, who cared and lovingly tended to Chris after his rescue. Aarwun Gallery has kindly joined me in exhibiting the works in the front gallery space.

“On 2 September 2015, RSPCA ACT rescued a huge, overgrown sheep in the Australian Capital Territory. After requesting help from the public to find a shearer, ‘Chris the Sheep’ became an international news sensation overnight, breaking a new Guinness World Record in the process. While his life after being rescued is well documented by the media, no one knows for sure what happened to Chris prior to this. This children’s book provides one possible explanation for how Chris became so big, with his adventure to share with kids of all ages!” RSPCA ACT

“Once Chris had gone through the required quarantine process, he met the Little Oak sheep. Chris took to the flock as if rejoining long-lost friends.” Little Oak Sanctuary

Please join us to raise funds for this wonderful charity who provide a caring sanctuary for those who come from such unfortunate circumstances.

From the Little Oaks Sanctuary

“Chris the Sheep, a Merino who endured significant neglect before being rescued, left an indelible mark on all of us at Little Oak Sanctuary. Found wandering alone in bushland near Canberra in 2015, Chris carried an astonishing 40.45 kilograms of wool, a record-breaking burden that earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. However, Chris was much more than a record holder; he was a remarkable survivor and a testament to resilience.

For over five years, Chris lived in isolation, with only mobs of kangaroos for company, before joining our sanctuary. His story highlighted the severe welfare issues caused by excessive fleece growth, which in his case was a result of five years without shearing. This neglect led to significant mobility impairments and potential health risks like heat stress and flystrike. Fortunately, Chris survived. After his rescue, Chris underwent a life-changing transformation, freed from his heavy fleece. He joined the flock at Little Oak sanctuary where he made friendships and lived out his years in comfort and security.

During his nearly five years with us, Chris blossomed into a wise, friendly soul who enjoyed the company of other sheep and humans alike. He formed close bonds with his flock, providing guidance to young lambs and becoming a beloved friend to many. His distinctive deep bleat and large frame became familiar and cherished sights at the sanctuary. Chris’s story is a poignant reminder of the consequences of human manipulation of animals for our own purposes.

Through his legacy, Chris continues to educate and inspire. We planted a row of 50 trees in his honour, providing shelter to his flock mates and future generations at the sanctuary. His memory and the lessons he taught about compassion and resilience will forever be part of our mission at Little Oak.

Chris may have passed, but he remains a powerful symbol of transformation and hope.

As we celebrate ten years of sanctuary, we hold his memory dear, remembering not just a sheep with a record fleece, but a friend who taught us about the strength of spirit and the capacity for recovery. Chris was truly someone, not something—here with us, not for us.” ~ Little Oak Sanctuary

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