Art and Design in the Home

Three golden drawings beautiful installed in the owners home beside a lamp
Top to Bottom: Splash, The Forager and Beckoning Flow beautifully installed in the home.


How beautiful is this lighting on these three ink drawings? The middle work (The Forager) in particular would change hues with the differing times of day. ⁠Paired with the lamp it is such a gorgeous setting, and the warmth of the floor and the wood of the lamp just completes it so perfectly.

These three works were acquired a couple of years ago now, and they have found home in a couple of rooms of the house, which is great to hear because I love it when my drawings feel right at home in more then one space.

It is so special to see where my collectors display their works, it’s never too late to share. I have collectors sending me images of works that were acquired years ago that have been rehung in new space or a new home. Thank you for sharing this one K 😊 💕⁠

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