Modern Archetypes, Galeria Azur Madrid
2021Artist Kylie Fogarty, seated in front of the easel, 2021 BW.JPEG
Galeria azur madrid

The lyrical monotone works of Australian Artist, Kylie Fogarty (born 1974), are a poetic response to atmospheric explorations expressed through expressive mark making practices. Intrinsic to her creation process, drawing provides Fogarty the freedom of expression, in turn providing interpretation, consideration and exploration of her chosen subject. Utilising various drawing tools, including bamboo reed pens, traditional dip pens and contemporary pigmented pens to convey her observations, the evocative and alluring works embrace the use of a limited palette.

Twilight Adventures, Drawing by Kylie Fogarty, Insitu Living Room, gold, white, black, 2021
Restoration at Gibralter Falls by Kylie Fogarty
Con Slancio, Drawing by Kylie Fogarty, Insitu Fireplace, 2021

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