Finding rejuvenation at Canberra waterfalls…

Water tumbles amongst the rocks, cascading down the falls, catching the glint of the midmorning sun. A sense of light and rejuvenation greets us as we consider the trees appearing at the top of the ledge.

Gilbralter Falls © Kylie Fogarty

It seems like a lifetime ago now, sitting on the rocks at Gibralter Falls in 2017, as the sound of the cascading water kept me company as I sketched with friends. In 2019 I revisited my sketches to create a panoramic drop of this very day, and subsequently then popped this drawing into storage until the right exhibition came along, which just so happened to be now. I couldn’t think of a better time to open the vault and include this drawing, gently reminding that it hopefully won’t be too long until we will be visiting with friends once again.

This expressive ink drawing, Rejuvenation at Gibralter Falls is currently included in the Modern Archetypes Exhibition with Galeria Azur Madrid.

Restoration at Gibralter Falls, 15 x 88cm,  by Kylie Fogarty, exhibiting at Galeria Azur Madrid
Restoration at Gibralter Falls, 15 x 88cm,  by Kylie Fogarty


Art video of Rejuvenation at Gibralter Falls, drawing by Kylie Fogarty
Click here to view a closer art video

This drawing was created with lightfast pigmented liquid ink and lightfast pigmented pen ink on Traditional White 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Fine Art Paper.

Included in my series for this exhibition are six lyrical monotone works which are a poetic response to atmospheric explorations, expressed through expressive mark making practices.

Modern Archetypes runs September 2 to October 2, 2021.

All works included in the Exhibition can now be seen on the Exhibition Viewing page, or you can also visit the Artsy and Artsper websites as well

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