Pet Portraits for Christmas

Labrador Pet Portrait Commission - Rainbow Dog © Kylie Fogarty Archival Pigment Pen and Wash Painting on Fine Art Paper
Labrador Pet Portrait Commission – Rainbow Dog © Kylie Fogarty
Archival Pigment Pen and Wash Painting on Fine Art Paper

In the lead up to Christmas I had the pleasure of creating some pet portraits for gifts, and with the kind permission of the gift recipients, they have allowed me to share them with you.

Being an avid animal enthusiast, there is nothing better then being asked to paint or draw a loved pet, or favourite animal.

The stories that come with the requests, such as how they came to be a part of someone’s life, or a funny moment, a sweet memory are just amazing to hear.

These portraits have been more focused then the usual black and white drawings, in that they are in the Pen and Wash style. Usually I start with a few quick drawing sketches, which typically includes a blind contour drawing (no surprises there), leading into a more focused study and finally the pen and wash painting.

The first Pet Portrait that I am very happy to share with you is of Vivie. You may have seen this image before as apparently it went viral when her owners shared the photos. It was the family’s grandfather who asked me to create a Pet portrait of this special moment for a Christmas present last year.

Vivie was playing with her children when they were happily drawing rainbows on the driveway one day. She got a little tired and layed down, unknowingly collecting the beautiful colours of the rainbow that day.

What gorgeous Labrador. I’m certain her family had a lovely day that day and now have an extra special memory.

What is even better is that they have generously agreed to help me to raise funds for the ACT RSPCA, buy selling ACEOs, Prints and Cards of the paintings. 30% of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the ACT RSPCA to assist them in all the amazing things they do. Orders are being taken now, (keep an eye on my newsletter to be the first to check them out) .

On that note, I currently have a few Pet portraits in progress so I won’t be taking any more orders until the end of May, and, if you are considering a pet portrait for Christmas this year (yes I know this early, but I tend to get busy from September through to December), please let me know as places are limited.

I donate 10% of my Pet Portrait Commission Fee to the ACT RSPCA to help support them with all the amazing work they do. If you would like to help them as well, or just get more information about your loved pet, please visit here.

I have a couple more pet portraits that I will be sharing in the near future, so make sure you check back to see the next one!