Oscar and Kylie…

Oscar © Kylie Fogarty Full Square

Everytime I am contacted to create a special Animal portrait, I am both honored and thrilled. A self announced animal enthusiast, it’s always wonderful to have another opportunity to create a special work of art.

Let me now introduce Oscar to you. This beautiful kitty was the subject of a Pet Portrait for a Christmas gift for his happy owner, Kylie last year. A4 Pen and Wash on Fabriano Fine Art Paper. I can now share with you his portrait and his story.

Excerpt taken from email with permission, thank you Kylie for allowing me to share Oscar’s story.

“In June 2011, my beautiful cat Niki had to be put to rest.  I didn’t think I would ever get another cat after that as I was utterly heartbroken.

In March 2012, my partner started asking whether we could get another cat and save a life by adopting from the RSPCA.   My partner had his eye on a little grey tabby called Flash who was up for adoption at RSPCA World for Pets at Underwood.  After much persuasion and continual requests (begging) from my Partner, I finally relented and Mark went down to purchase the little guy but then we found out he was a Kachoo Kitty (he had previously had cat flu) and as we already had a cat we weren’t able to bring him home.

I decided if I was prepared to give that little guy a go then I had to open my heart and give another little one a chance.  The next morning we went out to the RSPCA hoping to find a little male grey tabby to adopt.  There was a litter of kittens all playing together and Oscar was just the cutest, craziest, most energetic and playful little man and a grey tabby just like Mark had hoped.  We went in to take a closer look at him and as soon as I had him in my arms I knew he was the one for us – it was love at first sight!  We named him Oscar on the way home in the car and he immediately became the centre of our world. 

Oscar was very affectionate from the start and always wanted to be around us.  He is very talkative and always announces himself when he walks into the room.  He loves cuddles and always wants to be patted and brushed.  He sleeps tucked in behind my knees most nights and, in Winter every night firmly cuddled into my side under the blankets.  He is strictly an indoor cat and has never shown any interest in going outside to explore and is very happy indoors with his big brother Leo (who he worships).

I no longer think that getting a new pet somehow replaces the pet that you have lost but rather allows new love into your life. 

It is a privilege to be able to help an animal in need and give them a chance at a wonderful life.  Oscar is just the sweetest, most beautiful cat who gives so much unconditional love to Mark and I and it was the best decision ever to bring him home that day. ~ Kylie

Every time I read the stories about the Pet portraits I feel as though I am getting to know the animal. It is really lovely to hear and helps me to understand their personality.

I donate 10% of my Pet Portrait Commission Fee to the ACT RSPCA to help support them with all the amazing work they do. If you would like to help them as well, or just get more information about your loved pet, please visit here.

As mentioned in my blog post about Vivie – Rainbow Dog, I am currently working on more Pet Portraits,  so I won’t be taking any more orders until the end of May, and, if you are considering a pet portrait for Christmas this year (yes I know this early, but I tend to get busy from September through to December), please let me know as places are limited.

I look forward to sharing my next Pet Portrait with you, Lilly, soon! Have a great week everyone! ~ K

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