Three Entries for the Kedumba Drawing Award 2020

The Kedumba Collection of Australian Drawings is one of Australia’s most respected collections of drawing by Australian Artists. The collection includes many of the greats, including Margaret Olley, John Olsen, Elisabeth Cummings, Nora Heyson to name few. Just as importantly, the collection also showcases some lesser known artists who are also highly skilled in drawing.

The Collection has recently found a new home at the Kedumba Gallery, in the Blue Mountains.

The Kedumba Drawing Award has played an important role in the development of the Collection, with each year a new judge invited to select the winner.

Entry to the Award is by invitation only, so when I was selected this year, I was truly honoured.

Solitary Haven by Kylie Fogarty_Kedumba Art Award 2020
Solitary Haven by Kylie Fogarty_Kedumba Art Award 2020 (sold)

So I set about for the last few months, drawing some of my most favourite moments that I have held in my artist mind until the right time – I can’t think of a better reason then now.

Mountainous Journey by Kylie Fogarty
Mountainous Journey _ Kedumba Drawing Award by Kylie Fogarty (sold)

I have submitted three works, all Pigmented Ink on paper, created by Bamboo Reed pens pigmented liquid ink and pigmented ink pens, on my favourite Fabriano papers.

Natural Wonderment by Kylie Fogarty_Kedumba Drawing Award 2020
Natural Wonderment by Kylie Fogarty_Kedumba Drawing Award 2020

Each drawing has its own special meaning, all have been calling to me since the whole pandemic started.

I find it difficult to write what I feel when I create. Part of this is because I lose myself when I draw, and feel my way through the process. The line leads the way and provides a connection to my subject matter.

In each of the drawings, I have been inspired by my most favourite locations, where special memories have been made and the atmosphere of the time.

The Exhibition runs until October 4, 2020. Please know due to current restrictions, viewing is by Appointment only.

It’s been such a roller coaster year this year, being invited to participate was definitely one of the nicest parts about it so far!

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