Last opportunity to see “Two Views” exhibition this weekend…

The feedback Cindy Wilkins (formerly Worldscape Imagery, now Pose Studio and Design ) and I received from our current exhibition, “Two Views – An Interpretation of Australian Landscape, Flora and Fauna” has been wonderful to say the least. The support has been incredible and has made the event an extra special occasion for the two of us. I thought I’d share a little more about how the exhibition came to be and the process that Cindy and I used when creating this particular body of work…


When Cindy and I were reminiscing about our similar experiences in Australia, growing up fortunate to be able to enjoy the local areas of beach and country, I expected, (and was inspired) to create new work. What was a pleasant and unexpected surprise for me was the return of the senses that came when viewing Cindy’s works. Not only was I transported back to times spent at my regular spots, but also the feelings that had been long tucked away till now. Sensations of cold, wet beach days, that feeling of wet toes that only took seconds before warmth came again. Smells of the rotting Rainforest floor, misty wet days with sunshine beaming through Rainforest ceilings.

This new body of work is a new direction for my art practice. Drawing is always an underlying fundamental for my practice, I have enjoyed being able to incorporate this into the artworks.  These particular works have often begun from a Gelli plate, introduced to me at a workshop last year, culminating in the form of Mixed Media Monotypes. Experimenting with the plates, allowing the paint to flow or dehydrate on the plate, then manipulating the medium, has resulted in soft and subtle ways, or when the inspiration has lead me, to a more focused paintly style, which at times I have manipulated with water, or drawn into.

Waterdragon © Kylie Fogarty

Being able to translate my love of the backyards and regions I have frequented via this process has opened a new door for my art practice, arising in organic forms, loose renditions or studied works.

Exploring the elements that has entranced me and continues to do so will be a revisited subject, no doubt, as it is hard not to find elements of new colour, stimulus to muse and enjoy in the Australian ecosystem.                       Kylie…

View From Above © Kylie Fogarty 2013
View From Above © Kylie Fogarty 2013

Cindy (Worldscape Imagery – Pose Studio and Design); has a practice that not only includes the physical process of capturing the image, but also enjoys educating the viewer regarding the specifics of each area and subject she has captured at that time.

Horticulturist by trade, it’s not hard to see how this has translated into her photography practice.

Purlingbrook Falls © Cindy Wilkins 2013
Purlingbrook Falls © Cindy Wilkins – Worldscape Imagery 2013

“Storytelling comes in many forms, verbal, sketch, paint, sculpture or as I do photography. My visual storytelling is aimed at provoking adventure, awareness, and geographical education.

Via my viewfinder, I share the natural beauty of the places I visit. I am a Brisbane based self- taught photographer. I love to travel, thus being the gateway to most of my material. My imagery consists of natural light, shadow, line, tone, texture, colour, shape and depth within the boundary of natural landscape flora and fauna of the world in its RAW form.

Bowarrady © Cindy Wilkins - Worldscape Imagery 2013
Australian Photography by Ciny Wilkins – Worldscape Imagery 2013

Through Macro focusing on the inconspicuous features to panoramic and wide angle to share the amazing scenery in which I encounter; my technique is purely to help my audience stop and see the minute beauty that is often missed around us and to take in the vast surroundings we occasionally over look .”  Cindy……


This will be the last chance to view this exhibition, which is open at the Strathnairn Arts Gallery ( until Sunday August 4 at 4.30pm The Gallery is open Friday to Sunday 10am to 4.30pm, Café open Admission Free