Ebb and Flow delivered to its new happy home!

Ebb and Flow - Oil on Linen - Kylie Fogarty Art

Remember the large blank canvases I shared with you late last year?

They were so large they pretty much took up the whole room. This was one time I was thankful for my lack of height!

Canvas for Commission - Kylie Fogarty Art

At the time I was just about to embark on fulfilling a commission request for a large, textured, 2.7m x 0.9m Oil on Stretched Linen Painting.

It’s fair to say, that I lot of people think I only work in miniatures, after all, I seem to talk about them the most. I love creating them as they are easy to fit into my busy schedule.

However, as my family gets older, I now can afford the time to create larger works. To be provided the opportunity to paint on a large scale was incredibly exciting.

A year later after completion (factoring the drying time in), I delivered Ebb and Flow to it’s new owners in their happy home. The canvas was so large I had to hire a truck to deliver it!

It is always wonderful to hear happy feedback, so I thought I’d share their experience with you. This is what they had to say:

“Hi Kylie

We are going well thanks and very much enjoying the perfect fit of Ebb and Flow in our home! I find myself constantly drawn to looking at and taking it in and I know S feels the same. It seems to mesmerise me! ….

Thanks again for being so easy to work with and for making our dream of having a magnificent painting on that wall of our home a reality.

Kind regards,  T and S “

Ebb and Flow Commission with Owners
Ebb and Flow Commission with Owners


I enjoyed working in oils on a larger scale so much that I now plan to work on a series of larger sized oil paintings, and indeed have already started, so keep an eye out for more of what’s new from my studio! ~ K