"Untitled" © Kylie Fogarty 2013
“Untitled” © Kylie Fogarty 2013


A lot of the comments I receive from my line drawings are about the end artwork, however, the actual event of their creation is started with a simple line. At times it can only take one or two seconds before I realise the destination of the drawing, others only appear right at the very ending. Any which way it works, I truly enjoy the process and the surprise of the moment. Then its even more fun when I get to see what has emerged for the day.

"Untitled" ©Kylie Fogarty 2013 Daily Drawing - June 2013
“Untitled” ©Kylie Fogarty 2013
Daily Drawing – June 2013

So when viewing this drawing, a mystical dog-like creature as one would expect to be sitting at

the feet of god is staring right back at me, if viewing it in the landscape orientation,

however if you were to then change to the portrait orientation all I can see is a man with a



It is for this reason a lot of my drawings are named “untitled” as what I see may not necessarily

match what you see, which is what I love about my abstract drawings the best…


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