Commissions / Requests

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I provide commissions for all artwork styles. I have accepted Commissions for large scaled Oil Paintings to miniature ACEO artworks.

My previous commissions have included:

  • Large scaled Oil Landscape Paintings
  • Portraiture – Graphite, Pastel through to Oils
  • Line Drawings – figurative, abstract, animals
  • Pet portraiture
  • Botanical art
  • Miniature Artworks (Orginal ACEOs)
  • Customised Logos for Businesses
  • Customised Drawings for Gifts
  • Pen Ink drawings for Thankyou / Customised Cards
  • Drawings for use on Wedding Invitations

To see more about Pet Portrait Drawings please visit my Commission / Request Page in my Art Store.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details on View, Beachview, Beach, Ocean, sand, seascape, work on paper, ink drawing, work on paper, Kylie Fogarty, KFStudio, Kylie Fogarty Art StudioCommission Process - Portraiture © Kylie Fogarty


Claire Pitcher Photography

I have been using Kylie’s services for the last 18 months. I am a photographer and when I shoot weddings I like to give my clients a commissioned wedding card that is personal to them.  I will visit the wedding venue or their home before the wedding send the image to Kylie and then she draws the image in pen and ink. My clients love this as they can the frame the card or purchase the original from Kylie.  Sometimes there are changes that need to be made or little tweaks and I will just call Kylie and she will make the changes quickly. A proof is then emailed to me. More recently I had Kylie create for me some little cards that I put into all my client orders, they are great and I have had great feedback from clients that have received them in their packages.   again Kylie was very easy to work with on this as I had in my mind what I wanted and she as able to interpret that really accurately. I always find Kylie to be fast, professional and friendly, and I love her work. – May 2015