Opening night at the Strathnairn ArtBAC Exhibition
Opening night at the Strathnairn ArtBAC Exhibition

Thank you to everyone that came to the opening night of Strathnairn ArtBAC Exhibition at the Belconnen Arts Centre.

There was a fantastic turn out for not just this exhibition but also the other two exhibitions that are currently on this month as well, which I encourage you to visit; that of Idil Abdullahi, Beauty and Belonging, in the Foyer of the BAC and also, Euan Graham, Uncertain Journeys, which is exhibited in the art Lounge of the BAC. Both are beautiful exhibitions and a must see!

The Strathnairn ArtBAC is a beautiful exhibition, curated by Bianca Hill, from the ANU, with 22 members from the Strathnairn Arts Membership. This exhibition is a fine example of the varied art practices of the many members of Strathnairn which includes, sculpture, ceramics, digital cinematography, photography, painting, drawing, shibori, printmaking and art installations. For a full catalogue of the works on view, please click here – Strathnairn ArtBAC Catalogue of Works.

Escarpement © Kylie Fogarty
Escarpment © Kylie Fogarty on view at the Strathnairn ArtBAC Exhibition

Cliff faces and my affinity to the Australian Landscape is the inspiration behind this new series of paintings.

Cliff faces and the beach front beckon from my fondest memories. When considering why this has become so, I reflect on my connection with these amazing land forms.

I have always been drawn to the colours within the rock formations and the cliff faces that we are treated to viewing on a daily basis in our country. The earth isn’t just one colour, the tones are multiple in even the smallest of cliffs, and I love to detect each new variation depending on the area of Australia that I am visiting at the time.

On reflection of the Artist statement for the exhibition, I sat and wondered what it is aside from this visual splendour that entices me about these cliff faces.

Looking up at such a grand formation, it awes me that something that can be seen as rather dull, can also have intriguing elements that if dismissed will be not noticed or even considered.

To me its not just a bunch of rock, but rock lines connecting the earth to the land, the colour celebrating the living organisms living within, and, to a greater respect, a promise that even in the dullest of appearance, things are never quite what it seems. Dig a little and you will find an enriched soil that is ready to sustain and nurture the new growth waiting to be born.

To read more about the inspiration and musings of each art piece I have on view at the Strathanairn ArtBAC Exhibition, please visit the Strathnairn ArtBAC Catalogue page on my website which you can find by clicking on the link.


Strathnairn artBAC – 1 – 25 April 2016, Main Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Curated by Bianca Hill

118 Emu Bank, Belconnen, ACT,
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Except for regular classes and special events