Beachcombing Memories…..

Beachcombing © Kylie Fogarty blog

With each turn of the page within the Moleskin booklet, memories of days spent on the beach, combing the rocks flooded back to my memory.

Beachcombing © Kylie Fogarty crop 4

Not just memories of the small rock pools but also the large rocks that are perfect for climbing over, with their naturally formed coves, compliments of the sea beating they have received over time.


Beachcombing © Kylie Fogarty crop 3
Beachcombing © Kylie Fogarty crop 3

The walks amongst the rock pools scouring the landscape to see what treasures we could find.


Beachcombing © Kylie Fogarty crop 5
Beachcombing © Kylie Fogarty crop 5

The story that has evolved from Anna, Karen and my work in this booklet has reminded me of many happy hours on the beach. You can read more about the drawing component of this work on my previous post here


Marine Collaboration
Marine Collaboration

The last page of the booklet already had the barnacles drawn by Anna, so after getting in touch with her, she kindly agreed to allow me also draw on the page, I felt some seaweed and cowrie shells were just begging to be added, and completed my story.


anna-warren-booklet-page-2 © Anna Warren
Page One of the Sea Booklet, stunning work of Anna Warren.


anna-warren-booklet-page-3 © Karen Bailey Studio
Such a beautiful seahorse by Karen Bailey.



Beachcombing © Kylie Fogarty
Beachcombing – the finished work by Kylie Fogarty


Marine Collaboration
Marine Collaboration

Although I painting into the line drawing with both watercolour and inktense, I refrained from adding too much colour into the back page, and only coloured the cowrie shells, leaving the final depth of colour for Anna and Karen to decide.

I think the final result of the collaboration is pretty special, now I’m looking forward to the next one. Have you participated in an art collaboration? I’d love to hear about it, leave a comment in the field below. I’m off to prepare for the open day at Strathnairn Arts this weekend, have a great day! ~ K

5 thoughts on “Beachcombing – the Second Collaboration

    • KFStudio says:

      Karen thanks so much, I’m really happy with how it turned out. When I draw my line drawings, along with most artists I guess, if I’m going to add the colour I already have it in mind as I place my lines. Its very satisfying to see the end results. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result for the last page too. I didn’t want to add too much colour to give more options if needed. Your seahorse is so vibrant and beautiful, it inspires me to add more colour to my palette! I’m looking forward to seeing the next book, I haven’t looked at any blog posts yet as I wanted to focus on this one first. ~ K

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