Beach View II – Ink Painting

If you follow my art, you will know how much I love painting beach scenes. So when G and C saw my work at the Petit’s Travaux Exhibition at Aarwun Gallery in April, and asked if I could create a larger scale painting especially for them, it was music to my ears!

Beach View II © Kylie Fogarty | Dip Pen Ink Painting
Beach View II © Kylie Fogarty | 100 x 80cm

Being of Petit’s Travaux size (meaning small scaled works of art), the works were too small for the wall they were hoping to feature, so requested a larger size of 100cm x 80cm.

Each time I start to paint using ink, I am drawn into bliss. It truly is a special technique where you need to gently go forward, adding patience into the mix.

Closup of Beach View II © Kylie Fogarty
Closup of Beach View II

When painting beach, the tides play in my mind, where the waves have met the sand, and the trails that they leave behind.

Beach View II © Kylie Fogarty - Closeup
Beach View II © Kylie Fogarty – Closeup

The sky is always a delight, the clouds forming over time throughout the painting, this time the skyline was a little more dramatic then in the Petit’s Travaux series.

I’m very happy to tell you that Beach View II has now been delivered to it’s happy owners, ready for framing.

Monotone paintings are always a favourite of mine, so it is great fun to discuss which frames to use when framing them.

The Framers at Aarwun Gallery had some great ideas – I can’t wait to see Beach View II framed!

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