Last year this amazing event raised over $70K for our farmers. Once again I am participating, stay tuned for more information on which drawing will be up for grabs!

Posted @withrepost • @artforbales How to buy art in this campaign: …….
1. Follow the artists you like
who are donating …….
2. Follow this page. …….
3. Keep your eyes peeled as
we start to present the art for sale
from around the 16th …….
4 find the artwork you like – there
will be a link to the artist feed….follow it. ……
5. Get your wallets ready
6. Work goes on sale
on the 19th oct. ……
7. Be the first person to
Post a comment on the
image on the artist insta
feed (not ours) and comment ‘SOLD ……..
8. Liaise with your artist to conduct the sale and sort out shipping
Then what???………………… 1. Buyer liaises with the artist – the artist will determine who will make the donation
2. Artist determines whether shipping is included or whether the buyer is paying the artist for shipping costs
3. Whoever is donating donates %100 of sale value to rural aid.
4. Artist or buyer send copy of ruralaid receipt to as proof
5. Artforbales tally up the donations
6. Lots of buyers buy art, lots of farmisng communities benefit
7. 💃💃💃💃💃 #artforbales2019

Help a farmer, buy some art for your walls and lend a hand to drought affected farmers, their families and their livestock!

see the #artforbales artworks here!

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