A New Collaboration ` Part Two!

Gumnuts © Kylie Fogarty

Well it’s well on its way!

After sitting with the most gorgeous and intricate work from Anna, I FINALLY made a start.

One of the biggest barriers was the fact that Anna’s work is so gentle and beautiful that I was worried I was going to not do her work justice!

So, after taking a deep breath, I picked up my trusty ZIG pen, and put pen to paper.

There was no question that the work would be a drawing, there were so many directions I could take. Spider’s webs are always intricate and gentle, so I wanted to be able to compliment the gentle lines that Anna had created, whilst giving Karen space to consider her next step in the collaboration.

Gumnut webs - WIP © Kylie Fogarty
Gumnut webs – WIP © Kylie Fogarty


Inspiration hit though when I walked past my gorgeous gumnuts which I had sitting on my studio table, a constant inspiration not only for shape, but for texture, colours and the reminder to be connected to the unique environment we are so fortunate to have in Australia.

This is the beginning of the drawing, spending time following the lines of texture on each gumnut, was a joy. I haven’t been able to complete this drawing all with one line, although I got close!

I’ll post the final drawing when it is complete….I’m very happy with it so far! ~ K